meekisnotweak replied to your post: Lori whimpered, trembling. She just wanted to get away. So of course this meant suddenly tripping backwards over a clump of dirt and sitting up only to see an enormous tree root rising high above her, blocking her path. She cringed away from the giant, eyes wide.

What was cara beag? She clumsily rose to her feet, wincing—she’d scraped her knee in the fall and it was stained with blood and grit. She couldn’t run away, and she whimpered again. “W—who are you?”

"I am Diarmuid. Stay calm, chara. I mean no harm.” He tilted his head as he eyed her, the faintest of smiles on his face. Quickly, though, his smile faded as he got a better look at the state of her. “Look at you—you are hurt. I am so sorry.”